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News (Last Updated: 15th October 2012)

October 15th 2012:
Hello there. So, here I am, back after having written something. As I predicted, my retirement didn't last that long ;-) I have no picture for it, so if you have a suggestion in that regard, please make it. 

And if you like the story, try to tell me. Thanks. :-)

August 13th 2012:
Hello all. I was recently asked for an update, and I suppose it's only fair I provide you with one. To cut a long story short; I feel like I have more-or-less retired from writing. I'm pleased so many of you have enjoyed what I have produced, and I'm grateful to those who elected to let me know they enjoyed what I have produced...but with each passing story, I find it less pleasurable to start the next one and, quite frankly, the whole process makes me a little depressed. I tried writing shorter stories, but it's much the same. I imagine dis-contentedness with my own love life is the cause, but who knows when that will change ;-)

I still write, occasionally; but I have not finished anything in months.

So, that's it. I apologise to those who have visited this site faithfully, checking for an update which has never materialised: I only hope the stuff I've already written makes up for it :) And who knows, I may well complete something; if I do, it'll be here and on nifty, so you're unlikely to miss it...although whether you'll like it or not is another matter, of course.

To the few friends I have made through writing, I hope we will still talk...I still remain interested in what you have to say, after all :) My email address on the front page will remain active. 

And, to end on a suitably sombre postscript; a while ago, I lost contact with the real 'Dan', from my 'Getting to Know...' story. And that saddened me greatly, as he was one of the first people to ever contact me about one of my stories, many years ago now (although it seems like yesterday)...I hope you're ok, 'Dan'.


April 8th 2012:
Hello, my friends, and happy Easter, one and all. I hope, wherever you are in the world, you are still of an age to receive significant quantities of chocolate on this holy day.

I know I am (28 years old and still getting Easter Eggs! GET IN! Thanks Mum, you’re a peach!)

As you have no doubt noticed, I haven’t published anything in a while. Given that fact, I thought I’d drone on inanely for a while about precisely what’s going on with that. First, whilst I know a lot of folks dig the hardcore unpleasantness which can creep into my stories, I actually like to think I write playful, silly, ridiculous tales; I mean, there is no story I’ve written, which I could honestly imagine happening to someone. Sure, straight boys are stupid – but THAT stupid?! Come on. Basically, I really don’t like it when I go too dark and realistic, because that’s not what I’m like.

But to write those silly stories, I need to be ‘in the mood’.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get in the mood. I won’t go on about it (I am British, after all), but I’ve had a difficult time of it recently, and frankly, I haven’t wanted to write.

Also, whilst I don’t ‘publish’ anything, this doesn’t mean I don’t ‘write’ anything. I have about 500 pages of various bits of various beginnings of various stories, dotted around my hard-drive. I get bored easily, and what may seem like a good idea as an idle thought, doesn’t really work stretched out to an entire story. So I am trying, but I don’t want to publish crap.

And that brings me to today’s story. I’ve had this as an idea in my head since…well  - and only UK readers will get this, I think, so the rest will just have to zone out for a sec – remember when the first episode of the newest series of Waterloo Road aired on BBC1? Yeah, since then. Basically, that episode featured some blond rough-and-tumble ‘kid’ (he wore a school uniform but was probably 27 years old at the time of filming, if the rest of the ‘kids’ on that show are anything to go by) ‘selling drugs’ and ‘beating people up’ and, you know, generally doing the sort of thing which the private-school educated, liberal-minded overseers at the BBC think goes on in the typical comprehensive school.

Well, as soon as I saw that, I thought – as I often do – ‘I bet his father’s really disappointed in him’.

And the story you see there flowered from there. I basically had it all planned out by the end of that episode. Which is just as well really, because I don’t think that blond kid was in it again. What happened to him? I’ll be honest, I stopped watching half way through.

Anyway, this idea’s been at the back of my head since then, and I was pretty ambivalent to it. I think I’ve had better ideas since then, and I wanted to focus on those. But…they all turned to ruin, and yesterday, when I was in a particularly horny mood (a KEY ingredient to writing a good sex story) I thought ‘fuck it’, and got started.

And now here we are.

And, just so we’re clear: normally, I do NOT dig the ‘incest’ thing. But I don’t know; it works here as an additional little kink to throw into the ridiculousness of it all. The picture is not of the boy from the TV show; it’s of a guy who does British porn, called Brett Stevens. I’ll be honest: I’m quite a lot in love with him. The look I have for pretty much every blond lad in every story I’ve ever written has been him (except for Liam of 1D, ‘course). Just what is a ‘boyish, hard-edged face’? It’s him.

Anyway, for all my readers – and I KNOW there’s a lot of you who check the site every day/week, and that really does mean a great deal to me – happy Easter. When will the next story be out? I really don’t know. But I am always thinking :-)

Contact me via the usual channels regarding your thoughts. The filthier the better :-D

February 9th 2012:
A new story has at last been written. As usual, I would love to know what you - yes, YOU - think of it. 

Not entirely sure what's wrong with me; I intended to write a shorter story, and this one's 5000 words longer than the last. It has a lot of 'buildup'...I know, the word everyone hates to see when it comes to wank stories...but I think that part, whilst long, really makes the whole thing - especially the end - hotter. It's real 'decline and fall' stuff...and you can't have the fall, without the decline ;-) Those of you bother to read the buildup: let me know if you agree! Also, let me know if you have problems seeing it...I've encountered...teething...problems with the software, and sometimes when I look at pages, text is in odd colours.

This was a difficult one to write, which is why there is a longer-than-I-would've-liked delay between this story, and the previous one (where the hell has the month of January gone? Seems like I wishing you all a merry Christmas only yesterday. And we're nearly midway through February! Argh!)

January 19th 2012:

Thanks to a helpful suggestion from one of my Antipodean correspondents, I have added a straight-forward list of all my stories contained on this site. I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is a necessary and welcome addition :-) 
Oh, and as an FYI - I'm about mid-way through writing another story :-)

January 5th 2012:

Well, crisis over: I found a picture for my latest story. Totally forgot about that gorgeous lad over at 'came' to me in a moment of inspiration last night, and I think he is completely suitable :-)

And something I forgot to say in my Christmas message (no queen jokes, please) - I have been writing stories for just over a year now, and I want to thank YOU - each and every emailer, commenter, button presser and plain old reader amongst you, for your support over that time. I know the impersonal nature of the internet can make it easy to forget, but I am an actual real person sitting in front of a computer, and your comments/thoughts (dare I say, encouragement) really does mean a lot to me. So, Thanks! I hope the year ahead is whatever you most wish it to be.

December 29th 2011:

Am I the only one who thinks the past two months have flown by? Apologies for not posting since October. 
So, happy Christmas, new year, etc. What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a sex story completely unrelated to Christmas in any way? I know that's what I look for in a sex story at this time of year. As always, I very much hope you enjoyed the story. No straight teenagers were harmed in its production, and I would be thrilled to hear what you thought of it through any of the usual means. 
Oh, and a small piece of housekeeping: the latest story will not be found on nifty. So consider this story a reward for those of you loyal enough to check the site regularly :-)
P.S. I've changed the picture associated with the first chapter of New Direction for One Direction, after finding an absolutely delightful (and more recent) image of young Harry.

October 28th 2011:

Well. Firstly; happy Halloween. And happy clocks-going-back weekend. As you've no-doubt already realised (because I can't make this page come-up first when you come to the site), I have written a new story. I very much hope you enjoyed it (I know you've all read the story before looking here; I'm exactly the same). And I also very much hope you will let me know what you think! (But only if you enjoy it).

October 16th 2011:
Hello again. Just want to express how pleased I am that One Direction are still going and recording hit-songs about girls. I understand they all live in one big flat together. That's nice, isn't it? Very cosy. 'What happens in the flat stays in the flat', I imagine. If any of the boys would like to contact me about some kind of joint collaboration (I'm sure they're all big fans of my work), my email address is below ;-) Oh, also I'm writing another story (non-One Direction).

October 8th 2011:
The archive is reopened, after relocating from I celebrate this with a new story, 'Getting to Know Dan'. To all my new readers: I encourage you to explore the site/archive/blog, and let me know what you think :)